Are You Brave Enough to Look at A Live Abortion In Process? #unplannedmovie

By Deanna Falchook

The movie “Unplanned” is causing pro-choice advocates to take a deeper look at what they have refused to view prior.  Abby Johnson was converted to become pro-life after assisting and watching a guided abortion as the director of a Planned Parenthood. She was changed after witnessing a baby squirming desperately away trying to save its own life before being aborted. For those pro-choice advocates brave enough to view the movie many of them are leaving the film asking themselves too, “Am I really pro-choice? And why? Do I really stand for what I saw on the screen?”


 I once considered myself pro-choice.  My own abortion experience challenged me to delve in deeper as to where I actually stood. It was after the abortion when the conversion process started. I immediately fell into regret, sadness and a sense of indescribable and paralyzing loss, which caused me to question the belief, process and entire movement. I started wondering why I had believed the women at Planned Parenthood when they told me, “you will be great when this is over and you can move on with your life.”   Later, when I would be triggered by dentist drills and anniversary dates, I realized that the damage done to me wasn’t what would be considered healthy for women. It didn’t align with the concept of ‘women’s health.’ And I was someone who always loved children. HOW was it that I could have rationalized and minimized the extermination of my own child?

 What are we aligning with when we say we are pro-choice?  For me, I loved women and believed wholeheartedly in women’s rights.   But there was this unstated but very clear message. If you considered yourself pro-woman - abortion was the contract clause that could never be taken out of the pro-choice agreement. It was as iron-clad as the very stiff and rigid metal stirrups you place your feet in as you ‘scootch down’ to have your baby ripped from you.  There is no being ‘pro-woman’ without the right to abort your baby to pro-choice feminists who claim to be pro-woman.  I believe my baby was a girl and her rights were annihilated because of a verbal and well known contract I agreed to . I turned my head away from the truth. I didn’t want to look.

 Today I was pondering all of this while driving home from dropping off my kids at school. A squirrel ran into my path. I put on the brakes and swerved.  It made me (for some reason) think of the scene in the movie where Abby had to witness the guided abortion.   I wondered how many pro-choice women are willing to stand up for their cause and watch a baby being sucked out and ripped apart as they hold the hands of their sisters and friends while the abortionists pulls out limbs from the babies inside of them.  I swerved my car for the squirrel and then imagined if I had been pro-choice and a baby was lying in the middle of my path, having just been born gasping for air – would I run to pick it up and bring it to the hospital for care. I know I would have.  But what if the mother and her doctor ran toward that baby holding the scalpel and scissors to cut its neck to kill it as they do in late term abortions….? Would I be willing to watch? If they asked me to run over the baby to kill the child because they asked and assured me it would be ‘legal’ because it was her choice…would I be willing to do it..?”  I wouldn’t have when I considered myself pro-choice and I wouldn’t now as someone who is pro-life. I would be inclined to swerve, get out of the car, pick up the child to bring her to safety?  I would even fight for the life of that child.



I don’t think that most people who have claimed to be ‘pro-choice’ are truly digging deeper to what they are aligning with.  Have they researched? Do they even know what the procedures are?  For me, I was mainly pro-choice because I didn’t want to be connected with people who I perceived to be unforgiving, backward or imposing.  I had great pride in believing that people should have control of their own bodies – especially women. But my thought process stopped there. The clause was in the contract. If I was pro-choice, I couldn’t also question, consider or advocate for the child still in the womb. I didn’t know that there were pro-life democrats, atheists, agnostics, LGBTQ.  At the time, I didn’t want to align with ‘those people’ who were ‘conservative’…. I had a bias that I refused to challenge.

 But again…my own abortion came into play. It eventually became personal. That child, had I swerved to save it, would be the oldest in my family. My younger kids would be celebrating birthdays and graduations with my daughter.  Had I swerved, I wouldn’t feel like crying every time someone calls to a daughter with the same name.  There came a point where I had to start looking into the screen like Abby did to really see what I was agreeing to.  When I discovered the fact that the heart beats 3 weeks after conception (or 1 week after your missed period ), and that babies can feel pain at 8 weeks, and when I realized that more women like myself were struggling psychologically, I had to stop and get out of the pro-choice vehicle that I was in - pick up the truth, hold it close and look deep into my own soul.  At the core of who I was, I was pro-life.

 During World War II women continued to dress up and go to tea parties in Germany while 6 million disabled/special needs people, Jewish men, women and children were exterminated.  The tea parties continued by people who aligned with a belief system that claimed murder must be performed if they were to achieve the goal of a Jewish-free world. They also aligned with this belief out of fear. If they sided with the opposite viewpoint maybe their very identity and lives would also be eliminated. They defied logic and compassion and were able to push through by not swerving away. Instead, they helped crush innocent lives.


“The way Hitler worked was he would make these pronouncements, and people would go off and figure out, what did he mean? How are we going to do this?” says Elizabeth White – Holocaust Museum. “You could work towards the Führer by being innovative and ruthless.”


During the Holocaust otherwise good people refused to look through the screens into the death mills in their own backyards.  They continued to place more sugar and cream in their tea.  They remained aligned to a rationale for murder like today’s abortion advocates are as they continue to order latte’s at Starbucks.  But when we look into the screens like Abby did we see something unexpected. When we swerve away from the complacency and lean into the heart of truth, we see something that we didn’t expect. Being pro-life isn’t about choosing to align with a movement. Being pro-life is about boldly making a decision to live your life with your eyes on the road and authentically being human by acknowledging what is natural to a core. Our very instincts choose life.  We swerve. Most people would stop instinctively in the road and pick up the baby. Most people would try not to run it over. Most people would get in the way of the doctor and mother who are holding the decapitating weapons to save the crying baby in the middle of the screen desperately trying to LIVE.


The question is, are you brave enough to look into the screen like Abby did? Are you brave enough to walk away from Planned Parenthood, like Abby Johnson did? Are you brave enough to walk up to that doctor and say ‘put down your weapon and walk into freedom’ like Abby does? Are you willing to look into the eyes of the mother and say, “I know what it feels like, there is healing. I will help!” And are you willing to challenge what you align with in order to be authentically truthful. This isn’t about labels or belonging to a club or man-made movement. This is about the undeniable fact that people are pro-life at the core.  We swerve.

 So, for those who are conflicted on where you stand on the subject, I challenge you to go to the movie with open eyes to stare into the screens of your beliefs like Abby Johnson did.  Be willing to consider that it is possible to advocate for women as well as  their children. And be open enough to be transformed in letting go of your pre-conception of how you view the decisions women should be making when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes, you need to swerve and stop to bring life to what needs to be resuscitated in your path.

What is unplanned may be the best thing that has ever fallen into your path.

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