WHY Marketplace Ministers are HOT MESSES


I am a passionate Spirit-Filled Marketplace Minister. I love Jesus. I’m the type of Christian that speaks in tongues, often stops people to give them a ‘word’ and sees angels (no judgment please). There is a huge movement of Spirit-Filled Christians ( unique marketplace ministers) entering the industry of Network Marketing. In Network Marketing, we are trained to be efficient business builders and follow lots of very well constructed plans, challenges and systems (90 day, 30 day, pushes, blitzes, plans and challenges).


I have spent the past five years trying my best to be a better network marketer and am leading a team of thousands of unique entrepreneurs filled and moved by the Spirit. I have come to the conclusion that Holy Spirit-Led Marketplace Ministers are just different.   We have a different style, are led by a different ‘invisible’ leader and prioritize the timing and structure of (as Drake would call it) “GOD’S PLANs” over man’s. And while we respect, love and try our best to follow the official business PLAN, God often has other instructions.


To be even more specific, God does love efficiency and order. He created order. Many Christians in business and in their churches are extremely structured and follow RULES to a tee. But more and more Apostolic, Prophetic, Holy Spirit driven Christians are moving in their businesses hearing from God and often their days and moments are directed outside of their day planners. Our way of building a business can literally look like a hot mess to those looking in from the outside.


If you are (or are leading) a Spirit-Filled Marketplace Minister keep in mind that it may be time to embrace the fact that the Holy Spirit may be building your business in line with HIS timing and plans. This often looks messy, chaotic and rife with interruptions. Don’t be jaded into thinking these Spirit-Filled business leaders aren’t highly successful. The breath of God can breathe supernatural momentum into these businesses without human explanation. I have seen many inexplicable massive business growth emerge from this “messy marketplace ministry” style of business building.


In my effort to try to be more ‘efficient’ with my observation even with this article, I’ve laid out


12 Reasons Spirit-Filled Marketplace Ministers Look Like Hot Messes:


  1. Three-Way Calls turn into Witnessing: Mary was on the call with me. Her prospect was struggling deeply and started to mention how she used to go to church and just felt lost. She started crying. I had been talking to her about the benefits of intermittent fasting and an awesome cleansing product we have with aloe-vera. I had to stop that conversation and move into ministry. The conversation ended up with her hearing my testimony and recommitting herself to Jesus. Most business training tells you to keep your calls to a short time but this was a 45-minute call ending up with Mary’s prospect ordering a full nutritional system and also receiving Jesus. I’ve also been in calls intended to talk business that moved into full testimonies that witnessed to the caller and never ended up with a sale.

  2. They Don’t Follow Directions and Take Detours: So I was on my way to the important corporate event . We stopped to pick up some sharpies (for nametags) from the drug store and noticed a woman in aisle three sobbing. I spent the next ½ hour consoling her and praying with her. We showed up late to the event noticing the name -tags filled out in crayon.

  3. Marketplace Ministry is Stinky: My friend just got off the plane from Guatemala. She had been living there to build family homes for women trafficked and for children who were orphaned. She had won an incentive trip to Rome through the business she was building from her laptop in Guatemala. But smelled like the slums and dumps that she worked in. For those of you who are offended, she had a great sense of humor. She had won an all expense paid trip to a 5 star hotel in Rome and took a hot bath and was fine after that. But marketplace ministers like my friend are as comfortable sleeping in a hut in the slums as they are the Hotel Eden overlooking the Borghese Gardens from a presidential suite.

  4. They Say “Amen” and “Preach it” to Secular Keynote Speakers: Tony Robbins shares a story of becoming successful after childhood abuse. We are accustomed to prayer meetings and worship and shout out ‘AMEN’ or ‘Preach It.’ We usually are the first to stand up, applaud and raise both hands in Praise at inappropriate times in the meeting because we FEEL the Holy Spirit.

  5. They are late or ‘no shows’: Marketplace Ministers don’t always place the corporate event first. They may opt for the ‘Jesus Conference’ over the annual business meeting. Do not be fooled into thinking the ‘Jesus Conference’ is not effective for business. Holy Spirit led Marketplace Ministers are in tune with their need to soak up an impartation and clear Word from the Lord in order to be more successful not only on the mission field but in business.   They may be also be missing because they are in China, Cambodia, Somalia or Mozambique. For the events they do attend, they may be late because they may be in the hallways of the event praying over leaders in the hallways that are having a meltdown over the recent dip in the sales of their teams.

  6. Prophecy over Pitch: I was standing at the TJ Max and noticed a tattoo on the calve of a very gruff and fit looking guy in front of me in line near check-out. He was the perfect prospect for my biz. He was sporty and clearly personable. But I clearly heard a word from the Lord about the guy continuing to persevere even in the trials. I remember having a conversation with God. “NOT NOW…” but the pressing and clarity of the message continued so I tapped him on the shoulder and told him what the Lord had said. The man started to breakdown and cry. I was ready to receive his contact info and we connected on Instagram but he clearly was processing the Word from the Lord on his life. It wouldn’t have been appropriate for me to talk to him about the Branch Chain Amino Acids in our sports nutrition. So I prayed over him and paid for my beauty blender.

  7. They are Inconsistent: It is hugely important to be consistent in order to build a Network Marketing business successfully. To the outside world and our teams we can sometimes look inconsistent. But we see our first level of obedience to God’s timing and God’s plan. If we are called to the mission field in the middle of the 30 day push we may skip a week or two of connecting or texting 20 people in the day. We may hand over our Tuesday night trainings to one of our team members. We believe being consistent in our answering the call over making the calls is more crucial.

  8. They value spiritual growth over sales: Network Marketing attracts many marketplace ministers because there is a great emphasis on personal growth and self-development. This is very compatible with spiritual growth. But the spirit-filled marketplace minister while motivated and determined to crush their business goals sees spiritual growth as being a bit different than personal growth intended to build sales. And we press into people and their hearts for God over their ability to build a network.

  9. They aren’t motivated by Tesla’s or Mansions: The typical promotional materials used to attract business builders in network marketing almost always shows a guy standing in front of a Tesla in front of a 10,000 sf mansion in Beverly Hills. Spirit-Filled Marketplace Ministers are turned off by that but if you show them a picture of your business leaders with dirty fingernails in front of a hut in the Congo with an orphan on their lap showing corporate focus on global giving…then they will activate to build massive networks for your products.

  10. They Invest Money Back Into Tithes and Favorite Charities: Markeplace Ministers are huge givers. They earn their money and are in business to provide for their family, church and missions. They are awesome business builders but often live more of a minimalist lifestyle so they can share the wealth and watch it grow by investing in Kingdom building globally.

  11. They Don’t Care About Rank or Recognition: Spirit-Filled Marketplace Ministers are highly respectful of the accomplishments of the top leaders or corporate leadership but value the new customer as much as the leaders in the spotlight on stage. Marketplace Ministers are people driven first and are invested in connecting heart to heart with everyone based on their character over their rank. Spirit-filled Marketplace Ministers are not star-struck by Top Leaders or High ranked individuals. If Jesus entered one of these companies he would be entry level. The rank of an individual doesn’t necessarily gauge the value of that person.

  12. The Holy Spirit Cannot be Duplicated: Duplication is important in Network Marketing. Spirit-Filled Marketplace Ministers are hard to follow and duplicate because the Holy Spirit cannot be duplicated. Our moves looks weird, odd and irrational at times. Thus the hot-mess and chaotic messy marketplace ministry style is not capable of being copied because coloring outside of the lines or thinking out of the box just can’t be written down as a capable plan.


The Holy Spirit interrupts schedules, plans, timelines, time-mapping, agendas a lot. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to do our very best. God is all about excellence. But sometimes excellence means taking business building into a sacred place. For those of you who have battled against the flow of the Holy Spirit in an effort to be a better entrepreneur take my advice, let the Spirit lead you. If you are letting the Holy Spirit lead you into business then commit to the inconsistent, often unduplicated, messy, chaotic, bizarre, funny, weird sounding and looking (and sometimes smelly) style of business leadership. I guarantee that when you get to heaven God will not rebuke you for missing those 40 prospecting text messages because you were busy praying with a homeless person on the corner on the way to the launch party. Spirit-filled Marketplace Ministers are entering en masse to Network Marketing and are there to serve God. Understanding and accepting the inconsistencies may help upline to properly attract powerful unique leaders who have a spirit-filled style. And if it makes them look like a fool – so be it. The greatest networker ever to live was considered an outcast. Aren’t we lucky to be in his team?